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Meta.ini wont show up in mods

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I'm not really sure what you mean, could you explain a little more?
When i try to install mods like donut mod it tells me that meta.ini file is missing and i dont know how to fix it
Make sure the LMLM file is not in a subfolder and is directly in the "Mods" folder.
Create a text document inside the folder with your mod's name and name it "Meta.ini" without the speech marks, .ini is the file extension so make sure it doesn't have another one (like "Meta.ini.exe" or whatever)

Inside this new Meta.ini file type the following:


i did what you said and it still wont work?
i did what you said and it still wont work?

Hi there, could you make sure the lmlm file of your mod is in the "Mods" folder as @Loren said above?
Its path should be something similar to this Lucas' Mod Launcher/Mods/DonutMod.lmlm