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Running The Simpsons: Hit & Run and the launcher on the Steam Deck

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Hi all,

I've recently just bought myself the Steam Deck, naturally being able to run (preferably) the PC version of SHAR to have mod support would be awesome. But questioning if they can run? The link I have attached below outlines how someone has the base game running fine, but is there a way for the launcher to be ran on Linux/SteamOS using Wine or some such program to then load the base game? I haven't been to find any information on this.

Yeah, I set mine up today. It's very easy. I just transferred my Hit and Run folder (via Syncthing, with the mod folder inside as well) to my Deck. Added the mod launcher as a non-Steam game, opened the launcher, then this is where is gets somewhat tricky. On the bottom left of the launcher, click open, then launcher settings. Now click the Game tab. But when you click browse, you have to click anywhere on the next window QUICK, or half the screen will go black and you will have to shut Steam down and try again. Then find the Simpsons.exe and click OK. After that, you're good.

Make sure on the mod menu, click settings, configurable, and check XInput. I wasn't able to scroll down "All settings mods" so that's why I did it that way.
You can actually scroll through the mod menu. You just need to switch your right track pad behavior to "as mouse" then put the click to "left mouse click" then your left track pad behavior to "directional swipe" then up as scroll wheel up, down as scroll wheel down.
Yeah thanks dude, it was all rather easy to setup. Am rather new to the proton side of the Steam Deck just after receiving it! SHAR and the launcher works a treat.

Although it is more of a game issue with the PC, anything that can be done to get the start button working with the game?
Enable Rebindable Menu Gamepad Inputs to use the start button as normal.