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I lost my all my mods

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At one point, my account I lost my password and the security key, so my mods are nowhere on the internet. My mods include my Ford Aerostar 2.0 and a custom Audi TT. Does DT still have those cars on the server? If so, can you people please send me the links to those cars? much help appreciated.
Sorry to hear that happened!

I do thankfully have a backup of your Audi TT restoration mod. It's the 'Decompiled' version, but nothing has been edited in it! Unfortunately, I'm almost positive the Ford Aerostar 2.0 I never had downloaded on my main PC or my laptop.

@DannyTheHunter (user profile here) does have a fairly large archive of publicly released mods, however. It's possible this user still has this one downloaded? They also have a Discord account and YouTube channel. I would advise contacting them to see if they have it!
I'm 2 weeks late, but I think I have the Ford Aerostar. The problem is that I don't know if I have the version you mention. Contact me to see if we can get it back out of nothing itself.

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