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Additional Characters

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can someone make a mod that includes the characters from:

and combining it with the Characters Swap plus mod would be awesome

(or at least explain me how to put them in a mod)
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Hi there, I just added a new version of Characters Swap (Characters Swap Plus Plus) that features characters found in Additional Characters & some more.
You can check it out here!
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How can I solve this??
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Disable the mod or create a "CommandLine.txt" file next to your mod launcher executable and type in the following:
The error will still pop up, but you will be able to skip/ignore it.
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that didn´t work is there a way to solve this error manually???
Youre help is appreciated anyways!!
Didn't work as in - the error still pops up? Please elaborate more on what happens.
If the error still keeps popping up, I told you to just press "No" to skip/ignore it.
The game should then proceed further.

This doesn't properly work with all mods & some of they may result in a crash.
I'd also like to ask if you have set up "CommandLine.txt" currectly, as @Jake has shown in the other thread.
CommandLine.txt goes next to your mod launcher.

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I think the file needs to be there, so that´s ok
and the command its correctly written,

The thing is, that when I try to put Donut Mod and the CS mod at the same time, the same error pops up.
I tried as you said, putting no and launching the game but it didn´t work either.

Do you know another solution for this problem like, as I said modifing the files manually or something like that??
What you could do is: decompile the mods & check for the files they both use & replace them.
Can have unwanted side-effects if not done carefully