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Rng mission design

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What are you guys opinion with missions in mods being based of rng, such as randomizing the routes of missions for vehicles. Are you completely against it or do you think in moderation it would be fun?
it would be a good idea in moderation
and also if i remember correctly donut mod 2 has some rng stuff in the missions
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I think I'd have to agree. It makes the game more challenging for those advanced players. And from what I know. DM2 wasn't the only one that did that. I think Metal Arms In Springfield did something similar when it came to RNG. Just saying, but I love the idea of RNG missions! There should definitely be more in the future!
I think its a good time as long as you're not DM2. DM2 had the issue of multiple layers of RNG, which made it difficult to learn routes.
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