Mission Builder

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Butter Apple did. But none on creating mods just changing stuff in the game like skins,music etc
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I guess I give up
I highly doubt that an official mission builder will be released. Besides, learning how to script the missions can be fun, and it feels amazing when you get good at it.
CMB recently made a very detailed tutorial on how to script etc

Don't let this discourage you from attempting to create a mod.
DeepFriedBurger speaks the truth. No matter if there is a mission builder or not, you can always do a lot more by making the missions yourself. If you really want to learn, look at how Hit & Run do things, by comparing the code to what happens in the game, and look at the docs for help.

MFK IDE is impressive.
It's not that impressive, it's vastly unfinished, and does not support the creation of LUA or P3D files, so it's pretty useless.