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The Simpsons Hit & Run - Mod Jam #2 - Tropical Getaway [ANNOUNCED RESULTS]
maz replied to Morgan Vain's topic 1 day ago
Here's the moment, you've all been waiting for. Mod Jam 2021 #2 is officially announced!. There will be no registration on this one, as this is free entry competition (and mostly everyone signed on via discord, so yeah).
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SHAR Crash Analyzer
Morgan Vain replied to Josh / Proddy's topic 7 months ago
With the recent influx of new modders, and subsequently more crashes and issues arising, I've given a UI to an old tool written by EnAppelsin in order to assist users in debugging their own crash dumps.
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Lucas' Pure3D Editor Model XML Format Blender Add-on Unofficially Ported to 2.80 v1.01 (Obsolete)
Daniel replied to Surreal Bot's topic 1 year ago
This is obsolete. Donut Team officially ported their add-on to 2.80, so don't use this anymore. You can get their add-on here. Also don't f****** bump this thread unlike one of my other posts.
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$150 USD Bounty for a mod [CLAIMED]
LiquidWiFi replied to their own topic 2 years ago
Now please forgive me if I'm outside the realm of possibility on this. I'm not insanely familiar with modding this game and the in depth technicalities.
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Hello from a Hit & Run designer
Someone replied to Noviwan's topic 3 years ago
My name is Joe McGinn, I was the senior game designer on The Simpsons Hit & Run at Radical. Since then I spent another 10 years as a designer in the game industry, and am now teaching game design and programming at the Digipen Singapore Institute of Technology.
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