The Simpsons Hit & Run: Frank Grimes Mode

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Hey Nathan Steel Can You Make Another Update Please
dude what is your problem?
this mod was made 1 year ago
Jesus Christ can people just stop taking the bait every time there is a bumped thread or necropost. this situation could have ended ages ago if nobody responded to him but you are all stupid enough to fall for it.
This post has been removed.
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I see you posted this after I asked anyone to make Frank Grimes from the 2D images of him I gave in the zip file. Did you make him from what I gave then change the skin colour from yellow to purple because he's a ghost?

All good if you did, in fact that makes me feel I accomplished something by working with someone! Lol
Im so late here I have no chance of a reply surely lol , but I cant beat L3 M5 , snakes car is impossible to destroy , I understand a patch or something was created to fix this but where on earth do I find this ?