Making Mods - The Series of Tutorials [Cancelled]

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Nope, you're not. I do have some other tutorials in mind, and, I kinda wanna go in order. I've already recorded the third video (it's script part at least), and it should come out pretty soon-ish (if I had no accent I'd voiced them over and released without editing those stupid subs, I swear)
I'll try to get to the mediocre tutorials ASAP though
Really good, Nicely explained too
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Sounds great can't wait to give it a go
After a long pause a new video is available! Not really long, but it has some pretty valuable information(if you're a begginer), so, you might wanna check it out
nice tutorial
And after 6 months, I've decided that it would be a good idea to quickly explain how to add new road nodes to the map!
In short, new video is out! It's not really for the begginers, but once you understand how road node editing works - it'll be super easy to add new nodes in
Added two new videos!
One being a bit old, while the new one is, well, new

(Я также планирую добавить русские субтитры к старым видео чтобы русскоговорящая аудитория тоже смогла научится мододеланию 👀)