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Making Mods - The Series of Tutorials [Cancelled]

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I have no wish or desire to continue this series, please, seek help in the DT's official Discord server if you really want to learn modding proper

Besides, there are far better tutorials out there, I suggest you to ignore this post since most of the videos are outdated and poorly recorded

Welcome to this thread. I'm kinda starting a tutorial series, where you'll be able to understand how the game works, and soon, you will know how to mod it properly!

Anyways, the thread will update every time new video gets released, I'll also bump it, so you won't miss new tutorials!


This is the basics section, pretty self-explanatory. You will learn how the game works here

The Basics

Level Basics

Scripting Basics

Introduction to Lucas' Pure3D Font Creator


This is the intermediate section, you will learn a bit more tricky stuff here

Swapping The Level


This is the advanced section, you will learn how to operate with collision, 3D modelling and basically the rest of the modding scene here

Custom Road Nodes: Basics

Great work Gordon!
Nicely explained.
I will be waiting on adding a car. I Totally want to do that!
A great way to get back to modding!
Really nicely explained. Good job man.
Hope I'll be able to mod too! I'll start watching this video.
this is gonna help so much! X)
[deleted user]
5 yrs ago (Statistics)


Hey, new video is out! Videos are coming in order, so, nothing really complicated, just a little peek at level.mfk, leveli.mfk, etc.
Gordon, I hope I'm not bothering, but I really want a tutorial to know how exactly you can change characters from scratch. Sorry for saying it like this, since you've probably had other tutorials in mind.