Website Patch Notes: Version 21.1 - 21.1.4

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Today we're going live with another website update. This is the first major update of 2021, with some much needed trust & safety buffs and additional functionality for topics.

Version 21.1

Safety Tunnel
We've added a new link filter that we're dubbing the "Donut Team Safety Tunnel." The Safety Tunnel will now filter out certain sites from being accessed and give you content warnings for others.
  • Added the Safety Tunnel
  • There is a whitelist of other Donut Team services and commonly used websites. This whitelist will automatically continue past the Donut Team Safety Tunnel.
  • There is a graylist of websites that are generally fine, but may have things some users may not want. Donut Team will try to give our best on content identifiers for the website, though in some cases they may be vague.
  • There is a blacklist of websites that are blocked from being linked from Donut Team. If a user submits one of these links, our Safety Tunnel will give you an explanation as to why we're refusing to redirect you there.
  • Any website not in the whitelist, graylist or blacklist will give you a heads up that you are leaving Donut Team, but will not have content identifiers.

Swear Filtering
  • We've enabled a basic swear filter on all posts.
    • Viewing the raw edit of a message will include the removed words.
    • Applies to the following:
      • Topic Titles
      • Posts/Post Previews
      • Display names

BBCode: General Changes
  • When specifying a quote's author, you can now use an @ symbol before the name to add a link to their profile. Example: [quote=@jake]Jake's quote[/quote]
  • Added an alias for "hiddencontent" called "hidden"
  • The URL Tag will no longer show http:// or https:// when displaying a URL.
  • A website URL that does not have a URL tag around it will now be automatically linked.
  • All website URLs will now go through the Donut Team Safety Tunnel.
  • Any URL or IMG tag that starts with "file://" will no longer proceed with changing to that element. Instead, it will show up as text. We hope this helps new users identify when an image is not uploaded correctly, as the file protocol is used for accessing local files.

BBCode: New Element - Grid
Grids are a new way to stylize posts.

You can see full examples here:

BBCode: New Element - Topic
You can now link to any topic by simply pasting the link in the self closing topic BBCode element.

Profile Image
Desert Bus Mod (1.1)
Gabriel replied to Weasel on a Stick's topic 3 months ago
Immerse yourself in this authentic 8 hour long Springfeild -> Las Vegas bus drive simulation! (and try not to lose your sanity!)
7 replies

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the post editor would not resize images properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the post editor would not break really long strings of text and would ruin the page's design.

Version 21.1.1

Swear Filtering
  • Improved accuracy on many words and word combinations.

About Page
  • Redesigned this page.

BBCode: Headings
  • All heading tags have been adjusted to make their margins less dramatic.
  • All heading tags should no longer have an indent.

Version 21.1.2

Safety Tunnel
  • Added the ability to block specific paths on a domain.

Version 21.1.3

  • General text font has changed.
  • The following themes have been removed:
    • Classic Theme (Pink)
    • "Green" Theme
    • Aurora Borealis Theme

BBCode Editor
  • Added the option to upload an image to Imgur directly from the BBCode editor.
  • The BBCode editor will now insert tabs when pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. This is useful for code tags or formatting your own posts.
  • Removed the ability to set a topic as a spoiler.

Version 21.1.4

  • Button stylization has been modernized.
  • Core Backend has been updated to speed up content delivery. Please let us know if this breaks any functionality

Discord Page
  • Discord Page has been redesigned.
  • Added several new join messages, you'll have to wait to see them.
  • The following join messages have been retired:
    • "Must... kill... {Username}!",
    • "{Username} `` <<<===--- ASK IAN ABOUT THIS NEW USER``", // Colou
    • "Welcome, {Username}! We're sick of seeing Discord's default welcome messages, so you get a special DonutBot welcome!", // Somebot
    • "Welcome to Donut Team, {Username}! No, Discord Donuts is next door", // Gordon
    • "{Username} uses Internet Explorer. Praise them for their bravery.", // Somebot
    • "{Username} is out of custody!" // Gordon
    • "Psst, welcome {Username}. We've been waiting for you. :eyes:",
    • "Something something {Username} has joined, something something memes.", // Colou
    • "Welcome {Username}. Yes, we already know about Shesez's boundary break video. We also know about Tamago2474 videos covering Simpsons: Hit & Run. They're great; but we know about them.",

Login Page
  • Login page has been redesigned.
  • Logging into a self-deactivated account will now re-activate the account.

In addition to all this, we'd like to remind you we're releasing our Moderation Guidelines to the public over the next few months. The first of which, Ban Timeframes, is now available here:

There's much more in store this year in terms of updates, so stay tuned. The big one is coming, I promise!

Jake AndreĂžli