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Welcome to Donut Team, introduce yourself!

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As our community continues to grow, this thread offers a centralized place to introduce yourself to the other members of it.

Tell us about yourself, how you found Donut Team and what you hope to find or do within the community.

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Hi, I'm Jake. I'm one of the co-founders of Donut Team.

If you have any problem, email me at
Love this idea. First off, huge simpsons fan. I found out about Donut Team mid/late 2019 and was a lurker for a long time! Was in awe of Donut Mod and a lot of the other content that's come from this community. Finally made an account at the start of the Covid quarantine :P As kids, my brother and I would complete Hit & Run 100% and then start the game over again instantly (probably did this at least a hundred times) so seeing fresh content after all these years really was amazing to me and still is today! I normally produce music in my spare time but recently i've been modding a lot and learning a lot about the game. This site is incredible and i want to thank the staff, the community leaders here and everyone else making this game just as fun as it was when i first played it.
Great idea, guys! We'll see if it's worth it.
Sounds like an easier way to make people introduce themselves.
I'm maz, kind of average modder to the game I could say. I rarely post because most of the stuff I do is random & dumb I could say.
Kind of old in modding I guess, been following you guys since 2011 (when I began using the old tweak editor) and always appreciated the work & the tools you guys do for us.
I have average knowledge in Lua, and I love that you guys have made this game quite Lua compatible with the launcher & all the cool hacks.
I usually spend my time coding other stuff, like my discord bot or just scripts on roblox, for people to freely use.
I love the way you guys designed this site, looks so much like a place I could call "home" & feel comfortable when browsing around.
Can't wait to see what tools are coming in the future & not going to lie, I'm super hype about the map editor.
About my mods & stuff, I usually make it so it looks like part of the game, I might start posting more often as time goes & share my things with the community.
I have my own group of friends, we're using my custom mod to play the multiplayer & even though I don't expect them to post in here any soon, I could say from their side that they also love & enjoy stuff that you guys made possible with your tools. Hope ya all have a nice day!
Here's my introduction:

I'm Cars For Speed, and as the name implies, I'm a fan of the Need For Speed games (the old ones of course), and I also like the Disney-Pixar Cars movies.
I joined the community back in 2015 with the username "MultiFan", and while I enjoyed my time here, I had several misteps over the years; especially when it came to speaking with other users in the forum. Now that's pretty much left in the past, and since 2019, I renamed both my Youtube channel and DT account to Cars For Speed.
I enjoy playing the community's mods and telling them how great their creations are, so if you got something worth looking in the forum, I can gladly take a look.
Have a nice day, people!
Edit (12th September 2020): Decided to rewrite this. The original is located in the hidden box + code block below.

The original
Might as well dump my own introduction here and then move on. I don't have anything better to do.

Surprise surprise, my name is DeepFriedBurger. I joined the community during October 2018 after having observed some forum posts a while before. Mainly play community mods although sometimes I create and release my own. Particularly interested in beta testing mods, the game's secrets and development history, hidden/unused content and release differences.

I joined the community in 2018 (October specifically). I'd intended to join months earlier but ran into issues with account creation. My reasons for joining was my love for the game and to speak with other community members. I spoke on the forums a little too often (although nobody seemed to mind) and enjoyed doing so.

Sometime during May of 2019, I finally secured a Windows copy of the game and begun modding. Since then, I've only really released some minor mods that change small things (although I can do more; particularly mission scripting). I take interest in the game's unused/pre-hidden content and inner-workings (along with helping maintain it's articles on website The Cutting Room Floor).
Guess I'll do my intro now while I wait for SHAR to install. Hi, I'm InfiniteTGaming. Been playing SHAR ever since I was like 2 or 3. We had it for PS2 for a while, but the game went missing, and the only thing reminding me that SHAR existed was SlimKirby's LP of the game. I believe it was those videos that made my little brother Justin want the game for PS2, and he got it. We've played the game multiple times, and even 100% it on XBOX using the 360's backwards compatibility. The reason I decided to join Donut Team, and download SHAR, was because of the amazing mods the community has made within the game, and I can't wait to play them once I install them as well. I have a YT, though I don't use it for anything other than watching videos and a music playlist. But if you wanna check it out then: I also have a Discord server, but I ain't gonna include the link, because I hardly use it, and it might as well be a dust particle. Anyways, I'm gonna try to have as much fun as I can with SHAR, and I might ask for some help installing mods, so if you could help with that, that would be nice.
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3 yrs ago (Statistics)
Hi, I'm Santino, I've been a member of the donut team for more or less 2 years, I've also been playing SHAR for 5 or 6 years, I haven't contributed to any mod, but I'm working with a group of people who plan to make a mod that converts dialogues in Latin Spanish (a language that SHAR was never dubbed into).