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Added more Images in the first post

I want to ask your opinion on Spinster (Paty & Selma) apartment , I added it on level 1 Between Lard Lad and the church, originally wanted to put it next ot sit and rotate but the lack of space and difficulty to put it even if i remove buildings to replace them made it impossible, and I added in that area since it has a lot of apartment complexes and depending on the level you can see either Patty or Selma roaming nearby, do it fits there or is it out of place?

I also wanted to put Skinner house next to a Krusty burger but instead I put it next to where Skinner's car spawns in S-M-R-T mission.

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Yes sometimes tutorials are hard to follow ,The only thing I can say is don't give up and try toying whith all the tools so you can figure out how it works , a combination of that and the toutorials is how I leant SOrry if I'm not helpful.
I can see what you mean with the Spinster City Apt. It definitely has more of a downtown-feel to it, but that along with Fiesta Terrace definitely adds a lot more detail to the Apartments area in Level 1.

As for the Houses... I couldn't have predicted or imagined them looking as good as they do in those screenshots. Can't wait to see where you put Frink's House. I feel as though it would be more at home in Level 3, but having all the main Houses in Evergreen Terrace would make more sense since it is a housing estate.

This really is a dream come true for someone who has played the 3 core Simpsons Games for years. You're taking the best buildings from the other games, and adding them into the best game of all 3.

If you want a reference to Steamed Hams, you could just have flames in the windows of Skinner's House? And if you know how to, you can put one of those buzzers on the front door and have it play lines from the Steamed Hams scene.

Some personal preferences would be:
Skinner: Ah, Superintendent Chalmers, welcome. I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!
Skinner: Oh, egads! My roast is ruined!
Skinner: Superintendent, I hope you're ready for some mouthwatering hamburgers.
Chalmers: Yes, and you call them steamed hams, despite the fact they are obviously grilled.
Skinner: Y- Uh.. you know, the... One thing I should... excuse me for one second.
Chalmers: Ah- Aurora Borealis?! At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen?!
Agnes: Seymour! The house is on fire!
Chalmers: Well, Seymour, you are an odd fellow, but I must say... you steam a good ham.
Agnes: Help! HELP!!!

As for my own issues with modding and map editing, it just takes a lot of time for me to learn anything, I've only recently began to dive deeper into Hammer for Portal 2, but even that isn't going well.

Did I catch a glimpse of another building you've replaced next to the Lovejoy House? The President House? It seems to have the same textures as the one from Road Rage, which is definitely more accurate because of the white panels instead of the white concrete, nice touch.
Thank you, I hope the mod can give a good time.

Frink's House will definitely be in Evergreen Terrace, don't know if next ot the president house ,something like in the Simpsons game, or next to the cementery like in Donut mod.

I think the buzzers would require scripting, I don't know, Tapped out gave me an idea for level 7 to reference steamed hams:

You nailed it, I didn't show it because is more an edit of an existinf building, as you said I added the road rage textures, added an extra chimey and pillars to carry the porch's roof
That looks like a great way to reference Steamed Hams, I play Tapped Out but I don't have that skin, if I did, I'd use it for Skinner's House permanently. I'm curious if you had any theme ideas for the other new buildings you're adding to the Level 1 Map, but in Level 7? If you're keeping it a surprise, then I'd rather wait for the surprise.

I know these games too well, as soon as I seen the picture of Lovejoy's House, I immediately saw that something looked different out of the corner of my eye. It's a really nice touch. I never liked how it looked in Hit & Run because the house was meant to be panelled, not concrete.

I think for Frink's House, being close to the Cemetery definitely fits well, since both Frink and the Cemetery usually play a supporting role in the majority of the Treehouse Of Horrors episodes.

For the Springfield Mall in Level 6 you should definitely have a flying saucer crashed into it.
Some updates to show this is still in developement,
although slow:


I made a List of upcoming buildings and others that potentially could be in the mod ,there are a ton of them so I doubt all,if not most of them will end being added but It will give an overall idea that what to expect, If some building yuo think is important is missing please tell me.
  • Edna Krabappel apartament
  • D'Errico's Market
  • Skip's dinner
  • The Singing Sirloin
  • Jittery Joe's Coffee Shop
  • Martin house
  • Shorty's shop
  • The Copy Jalopy
  • Arthur fortune mall
  • Low expectations dating service
  • merry widow
  • lullabuy
  • Sperm Bank
  • chez gevara
  • gutter room
  • Buckimham quick lube
  • springfield laundromat
  • all night gym
  • lugash gym
  • stoner pot palace
  • springfield shopper
  • pimento grove
  • airplane dinner
  • pro shop
  • mt ludwig music school
  • gulp n blow
  • springfield arms
  • Apu apartament
  • Springfield-x
  • cafe kafka
  • post office
  • palace of fine arts
  • painless dentristy
  • howard flowers
  • honest john's computers
  • grandma world
  • highschool
  • vicky valentine dance school
  • red blazer realty
  • itchy & scratchy international
  • Hairy Shearers
  • Turn Your Head and Coif
  • Springfield historical society
  • jrr toikins
  • repo depot
  • Costington's
  • Springfield trade center
  • Springfield travel (hawai)
  • First bank
  • National bank
  • halls liquor
  • zestys
  • Southern Cracker
  • mystery spot
  • pool shark
  • sportacus
  • piano movers
  • Springfield palace hotel
  • Adult educaton center
  • Yuk-ingham Palace
  • Youth center
  • Crazy lady home
  • blind man home
  • buck mcoy home
  • kent brockman home
  • wax museum
[list] [/list]
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hey i know its a big ask but could you make a krusty burger interior mod so you can go inside?
I would love to do that, Not only the Krusty burger but other areas too, but my knowlege doesn't go that far.
I'm curious as to why you decided to add all these new buildings to the individual levels, instead of taking advantage of the Fully Connected Map mod? Not that I'm disappointed or anything. This is still a great mod, but it was a question I felt I just had to ask.
I added the to the individual levels to experinece them in the missions of the base game as Fully Connected Map is free roam only, I'm considering doing a version of the mod using fully conected map once I finish the main mod.
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Giving us the full experience, I love it.

I don't think your mod will work with the FCM Mod because of where you've placed the Springfield Mall. It's in the same place as the bridge that leads into Downtown.

Unless you can move the Mall for that version?