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Health Inspector's Vehicle
xUnknown replied to maz's topic 1 day ago
Very nice. You can unlock this amazing thing in Level 1 from Gil for 0 coins.
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More Costumes v1.1
ALongPalmTree replied to JArmstrongArt's topic 1 day ago
Make sure that when running this mod, you enable the 'Bug Fixes' settings hack along with the 'Direct3D 9' settings hack in the Lucas Mod Launcher. The mod will work even if you don't, but all costumes that have reflective properties will be bugged, which is a good quarter of them.
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Another Roofed Family Sedan Mod
Josh / Proddy replied to Colou's topic 1 day ago
Just the other day, Loren released the DM4 Family Sedan to the public. It inspired me to finally fix up my own roofed family sedan model, and this time I thought why not make it public!
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Opaque Car Roofs mod
FedoFrog replied to Josh / Proddy's topic 1 day ago
I've recently seen requests for opaque car roofs, specifically from FedoFrog, so I've made a mod that makes all car roofs opaque:
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Beta Restoration 6.0.3 - March 12th Fix
AshleyGamer1995 replied to Daniel's topic 5 days ago
We're happy to announce Danny's Beta Restoration has been continued! This update adds a bunch of new content to the mod, as well as a set of mission scripts coming from the discontinued "Restoration" project by CMB. We have recreated an imaginary development build of the game, with most features dir...
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Fully Connected Map - Night Variant (1.5) (Important Major Bug Fixes)
Sparrow replied to their own topic 6 days ago
Major Update: Please backup any files from this mod in your mod and work on replacing them as major bugs have now been removed that you definitely don't want in your mod!
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Metal Arms in Springfield 2.2.1
Nut replied to Surreal Bot's topic 6 days ago
I'll be honest. I made that banner up there when I finally released v2.0 hoping this mod would get featured at the top of the forum. Well it failed, but I'm keeping it so that whenever this post gets linked in a Discord server, they'll see this image. But anyway, what is this exactly? Watch the vide...
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Simpsons Font
DonutMunch replied to unclekrusty's topic 1 week ago
My first mod for The Simpsons: Hit & Run!
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Level 7 Restoration Restored
Cars For Speed replied to Mochapoke's topic 1 week ago
This is an even more updated version of kenny giles " rich side restoration" mod, a lot more model work done by both myself and The Butter apple, including custom cars, characters and a very destroyed rich side.
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Level 1 and 4: L7/Halloween Skyboxes
EliteMaster10 replied to Little T-Pose's topic 1 week ago
Simply makes Level 1 and 4's skybox just like Level 7's skybox and changes the color/style or look to be like Level 1 and 4's original skybox from the main game. (is decompilable)
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A Long Long Night - 1.02 Update
HaunterInTheDark replied to Thomas Donofri's topic 1 week ago
Bart is throwing the biggest party in Springfield! Drive around town like it's the 80's! Enjoy the Synthwave and get the party started!
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Flaming Pastry Commune
Mochapoke made this topic 2 weeks ago
Pastry Commune presents: the culmination of 7-8 years of SHAR modding: basic edits, comments, very advanced LUA, having slightly better music internal workings, ice cream, and a dangerous sense of marage!
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True Level 7 Restoration Mod 1.0
Cars For Speed replied to Cacodaemon24's topic 2 weeks ago
The True Level 7 Restoration Mod restores the cut areas of level 7 and adds minor additional content and tweaks.
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Pickle Mod - Rick & Morty: Hit & Run (1.1.3) + Lite version
brony247 replied to JoshuaL2153's topic 2 weeks ago
"Boom! Big reveal! I'm a Simpson! What do you think about that? I turned myself into a Simpson! W-w-what are you just staring at me for, bro, I turned myself into a Simpson, Morty. I'm Simpsons Rick!" - Rick Sanchez, probably.
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Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 2 Public Beta - Updated February 25th, 2021)
AshleyGamer1995 replied to Donut Team's topic 2 weeks ago
The Buzz Cola Corporation unveils plans to open a new factory in Springfield and the town rejoices at the new job opportunities!
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