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Hi, I'm Matthew, I've been here for a while and I discovered this game 2 years ago. I'm 14, My birthday is 7/27. I love playing video games, its my hobby!
Hello there.

I'm May. I'm an ex-modder and also used to moderate the Forum and Discord. I am female and use she/her pronouns.

I live in Northampton, Massachussets; USA. I am 21 years old going on 22 on October 12th. I played SHAR back on the PC when I was a kid and I've beaten the game many times since then, though I've only 100%'ed it once and it was pretty recently.

List of mods I have created/helped develop (that I can remember):
-The Simpsons Hit and Run: Finale Spectacular (Lead dev, scrapped after about 40% completion)
-The Simpsons Hit and Run: Yellow Shift (Lead dev, First and second levels finished, then scrapped during Level 3 dev)
-Snake's Day Off (Lead dev, Scrapped after around 60% completion)
-Save the Squidport (Lead Dev, Scrapped after a fairly short time)
-Snake's Summer (Lead Dev, Same deal as above)
-<Name Redacted> (Lead dev, Small mod I developed for my ex-girlfiend's birthday)
-A Tale of Two Frinks (Co-dev of three, Scrapped in early planning and development stage)
-The Springfield Connection (Co-dev of four, Same deal as above)
-The Simpsons Hit and Run: Remastered (Co-dev of three, Scrapped after around 25% completion)
-The Simpsons Hit and Run: Hellfish Mode (Lead Dev, Scrapped after short time, Not to be confused with DeepFriedBurger's mod of the same name)
-Marge the Freedom Fighter (Lead dev, Scrapped extremely early into development)
Hi, I'm Gabe. That is all.
Hello! I'm new here to the Donut Team and the multiplayer mode of the game. I am DonutMunch, real name "classified" I love the Simpson's and Simpson's Hit and Run. I Hope to make some friends. :)
Hi I'm EliteMaster Otherwise Known as DarkSpitfire19 or now 21 I am not a Modder because of my Autism causing some Problems, I have been playing the Simpsons Hit and run Since I was a Kid
Hi, my name is Stringmaster7. I played Simpsons: Hit and Run Since I was 5 Years old. I have the game for pS2 for a couple of years and now with the Coronavirus outbreak, I finally have it and a couple of your mods on my PC. Love what you do and how its formed, I was wondering how you get Pure3D editor to work properly, or if there is a Tutorial on how to use it. I was wanting to make a couple of levels myself to see how i can Revamp the game, make it look bigger with, if I can do the project, make 10 levels on it, on my off time when I'm not working at my Job.
SedanB. Named after my favourite car
had the game ever since I was a kid for the PS2
and modify the game

that's all I have to say
Hi,I'm Arthur i'm from brazil so sorry for my english i'm not a huge fan of simpsons(in fact most episodes i watch are most of the time is the treehouse of horror series)but i'm a fan of Hit & Run i discovered the modding comunity with(suprise...)Donut Mod 4 and Annoy Squidward,i'm new to modding infact if some people know i'm having problems with it,but i'm optimistic!,the mod is from a series with crates and in the years 2005,2007 and 2008 Radical was the one that made the games.