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i only found out recently that SHAR was even on PC! I saw Colou's Fully Connected Map and thought wow, i gotta check this out!
then i found out there is a whole modding thing going on over here, with tools to make it happen?! Amazing.
Anyways, i am looking forward to getting into modding this game and contributing something to the donut team forum.
Hello I'm Plopper/David.

I love playing SHAR and all the lovely mods around here.
i screenshotted your nft
Hi Im Kylo just found out about this today after finding my copy of hit and run, hopefully i will be able to contribute to this site so im gonna learn how to mod this gem
My name is Elias (A.K.A Dan), i like this game very much. The first time i played this was in 2011 - 2012.
Im from Argentina, but my second language is the English, so it will not be a problem to talk here. I hope you have a nice day, afternoon or night!
Hello! I have had experience in modding games such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U, and various LEGO games, especially the classic ones. My experience with The Simpsons truly started when I first played LEGO Dimensions where The Simpsons was one of the universes represented. However, I never bought the level pack. However, very recently at work, we watched The Simpsons Movie at lunch since we were using a Disney+ account. I enjoyed it for the most part even though I admittedly didn't watch the whole thing. I mostly have movies as background noise. It's a good movie, aside from Homer being cruel to Bart at the beginning. I felt it was taking it a bit too far when Homer decided to claim that it was his son's idea for his skateboarding stunt. As for the show itself, I wasn't really interested at first but there were enough funny episodes for me to keep watching such as "Homer the Heretic". I still need to watch more episodes. In terms of other adult cartoons, I enjoy South Park and Happy Tree Friends way more.

As for The Simpsons: Hit & Run, I have only played the PC demo at the moment. The demo has "The Cola Caper", "S-M-R-T", and "Petty Theft Homer". I really liked the last one because of the stupidity of the situation of Homer stealing a bunch of stuff from Ned including things he doesn't even need. The dialogue in that mission is also gold such as when Homer decides to quickly return all of Ned's stuff before the cops find out he's talking to himself.

As for modding the game, I did launch the demo with the mod launcher which actually works. Once I have the full game, I feel that I can enjoy it a lot more. In terms of games similar to this, I have played LEGO City Undercover (both the original 2013 Wii U release and its enhanced port the Switch) which coincidentally had a mechanic where you destroyed cars to stop criminals. The mod that got me interested was Annoy Squidward which blew my mind since it looked like an entirely different game. I'm not sure if I am going to make mods myself. I did once make a mod for Mario Kart Wii which had I poorly rigged. My attempts at rigging are difficult, at least in Blender. I get the model of a character and then I have to separate all the loose parts. Then I have to copy the vertexes on each of the models and rig those. And while it may just be getting paranoid, when I try to pose the model, it moves weirdly, which makes me afraid I screwed something up. I have imported models into LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga but a rig isn't nessearry when modding parts onto a character.

As for my experience on Discord servers, I've been an active member on Evolution (NSMBU modding server), Super Mario Wiki (I am sometimes involved on the wiki but that's getting offtopic), Conker Discord (for the Conker wiki which I barely participate in and mostly go there for wiki advice, such as the one I'm doing for my wiki, but that's getting offtopic), Horizon (NSMBW modding server), the TTGames Modding Server, the MK Hacking & Modding Community server, Dafawulizer's server, and Skapokon's server. If I missed a server, it's because I haven't posted anything there in the last month. Of course, this may get outdated in the near future. I also have my own server with just three users for a wiki I am hosting. I have very little experience in actually moderating aside from deleting spam articles on wikis and banning the bots but I sadly gave up because it just got difficult. I do plan on continuing. The reason it's more difficult is that I am the only admin on my wiki and I don't feel comfortable giving people roles until I have enough users.

As for my strengths and weaknesses (which are likely to change every year from now), I am quite innovative. I like coming up with new things that nobody else has tried. For many TCS mods, I come up with characters that nobody has modded yet. I am also very communicative though I would probably describe myself as an introvert like most autistic people. I am also very optimistic and try to look on the bright side. I also have a bit of faith in myself, believing I can achieve a goal. Lastly, I always have an idea in my mind so I am determined to get stuff done so I can take a break.

For weaknesses, I don't like taking risks. It's hypocritical since I think I try new ideas, but when I try to do something beyond what beginners do, I get a little frustrated.

This took a lot longer to write and probably overdid this a little but I want people to get some context about me and hopefully understand my logic. I could go over a lot of other topics but this is just relating me to modding, The Simpsons, and Hit & Run, because I need to get some context here. I hope I have a great time on the forums and the Discord server.
Hi all, my name is ArK_ and I am a very casual modder. I have experience in modding games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii (Making custom songs, Making texture hacks and Modifying Character Movesets).

With The Simpsons Hit and Run, I have more experience such as being able to add custom vehicles, custom characters, custom level geometry, make texture based animations and make model. Currently, I am just getting into the process of making custom animations. I can only import models for vehicles and characters, my 3D modelling experience extends to knowing how to importing a model then exporting it for SHAR.

If said I was good at all aspects of modding I'd be lying. Currently, level mods, 3D modeling , mission mod and large scale projects overface me. I always try to have a go but if I'm in place where I feel overwhelmed and I'm not making any progress, I just give up. I don't want to keep at something only to make myself angrier and angrier.

I hope I will enjoy my time on these forums ☺️
Hello, i'm OldtimeGaming508. i named my gaming account like this is because i really love Old school games from the 80s to the early 2010s. I also have youtube account which is the same name. i love the simpsons as well, especially old simpsons. I was just looking for mods im interested in, and some friends to play with. :)
[ About Me ]
Hello, I'm Flake, the first time i played Simpsons Hit & Run was in 2016, i had like 10-11 years that time, it was the game i played the most around that time. Now that i discovered about modding in this game, i'm learning about the scripts (they sound pretty easy when they're not hardcoded by Radical) and some Modelling.
My first Modding experience was in 2018, i started to swap and edit some textures for Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.6, during 2019-2021 i used to create and modify maps for those games, but then i just got tired and abandoned tons of projects i had in mind.
Now in 2022, i discovered about this website and the capability of Modding Simpsons Hit & Run, i will do my best to deliver the best mods made directly from my heart.

[ How i got Here ]
After i ended my Modding "Career" with GoldSource games, i made an list of games that i enjoyed when young, and the list had:
-Grand Theft Auto III
-Manhunt 2
-Bully Scholarship Edition
-Need For Speed Underground 2
-Hitman Contracts
And of course Simpsons Hit & Run.
After that, i started a research on those games to see which one was easier and better to Mod, and SHAR was the choosen one.
So i bought a Pc SHAR CD copy and installed the game, after that i watched some mods gameplay on youtube and in one of the videos descriptions there was a link that lead me to this site. and here am i now
Hello everyone, my name is Bogdan and I'm from Ukraine. I am relatively new to the team (about two months) (I used to be on the forum too, but I was not registered). I used to play some mods and even make my own, but because of the war, I lost my computer and all my work. Right now I'm trying to make some money and then recreate my mod. Peace for everyone.
I am writing this through google translator, do not judge strictly