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Hey fellas! I've just joined this website today. My name is AshleyGamer1995, and I really like The Simpsons: Hit & Run game itself. It's one of my favourites. I also enjoy using Lucas' Mod Launcher and more other mods to enhance the experience of the game. The 3D Phone Booth Previews mod is a brilliant one, you get to see any car in 3D that way. ^^
Hi! I'm Tucker Mayo and you may remember me from such feature films as "Vibration"(2020) and [ENTER WHEN APPLICABLE].

Recently, I decided f*** it! I'm committing to this dumb bit called life and I want to voice act during it. I do impressions, I can do regular character work, and I can talk real good like into a microphone for promo work.

Let me be the whacky inflatable voice-over guy for you! Or we can just hang out and shoot the s***, either is cool.

My discord is @MAYO#9967

Add me and feel free to dm!
Hi! The name's Jack! 20 years old to be exact. I played "The Simpsons: Hit & Run" for a very long time and I loved it!
The sceneries of Springfield with many characters and vehicles to choose! Especially mods, I also love the mods too!

I'm also a huge fan of Herbie, Back to the Future, Smokey and the Bandit,
The Three Stooges, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Simpsons and Disney.

So that's pretty much it.

Oh and I'm also a big "Team Fortress 2" Gamer, so yeah. There you go.

Discord - @Mr. Scottie#0615

I joined DT last year so my friend and I could play Multiplayer on SHAR. Not a huge Simpsons fan, but driving around in the game is appealing. I've also posted a few mods, mostly texture edits to Fully Connected as it's amazing! I develop Android apps in my spare time. I've also programmed for Windows Desktop and Java, along with a little HTML.

I've enjoyed my stay in the Donut Team Community and I look forward to chatting with other like-minding folks!
hi im pyromangamer84 i was an character creatator of shar in blender
I'm Lucoshi and i'm a big fan of gaming!
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hi I'm mac-an-tosh the full name of my passed away cat (short name macca) I played The Simpsons: hit and run on the Xbox (first one) I love hit and run also when I played L6M6 (set to kill) (on the PC) I surprise me that I one-tried the mission also I miss playing the Simpsons: hit and run on the Xbox
Hi - I loved the origional game as a teen, dabble in developement and this looks like a great project. Thanks for the hard work-on to the the git and discord
Yo, i'm elsen, as the name above would lead you to assume
i played Hit and Run throughout my life, in bursts. It is one of the first games i remember playing as a wee 4 year old, and i also remember playing this morning as well. One of these days, i will get that sub 1:50 in asm, but Apu is a bit of an unplugged refrigerator
i have also always wanted to learn to code, so a few months ago i got a few books that walked you step by step on how to code a game. It was great, except for the fact that i had no drive to complete THAT game. So, i read through the first few pages, did a few of the exercises, and never touched the book again. Now i want to learn how to code some fun stuff just to play around and learn in SHAR, and was told this is a good place for questions and help, along with seeing others work.