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Welcome to Donut Team, introduce yourself!

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Hey Guys I'm Alfredo And Friends I'm such a huge fan of The Simpsons,Ben 10,and ECT I have autism in case you're wondering.
I'm new here since February 2022 I'm getting used to the .MFK files for modding because it's easy for me to use for modding missions traffic and rewards.
My favorite levels from Hit And Run are Basically all of them.
What do I think about the mods in Hit And Run very cool the story of these mods are very Awesome some of them are cartoon crossover, based off of the episodes of The Simpsons,or Mods that are made for a story to play and see what happens at the final mission.
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hi im bob
I’m a guy on the website idk what else to say
hi im a simpsons fan from kentucky who is also a very small youtuber ive been playing hit and run ever since i was a kid and found out about modding it around 2018/2019 while in high school and currently learning to mod hit and run now that ive gotten free time to do so
Hi, my name is Cameron and I live in Australia. I have Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and a fairly unknown mental health condition that causes me to have very out of proportion reactions to any sense or feeling of rejection or exclusion.
This renders many games unplayable for me because of how easily aggravated I can get if something doesn't go right.
It is also the reason for the presence of a mocked up tick icon in my profile picture so please be understanding of why it's there. I'm not trying to impersonate anyone or fake being verified, it's purely for coping with the rejection I get because I'm not verified and probably never will be.

Finding games that I can play without getting upset is like finding a needle in a haystack but The Simpsons Hit & Run and The Simpsons Road Rage are 2 very rare examples of games that I can play without having a meltdown.

When I started playing H&R, I already knew that people made mods for it but I didn't know that there was an entire forum for this topic.
I've got experience with opening obscure file formats, converting them to an editable form then converting them back to what they were originally plus access to a variety of resource extractors and plenty of useful software for modding.
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Welcome CaptainSheldonYT! Excited to see what you come up with in terms of modding :)

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Welcome Cameron, I hope that this community can be a positive experience for you and that you enjoy the mods available at your disposal. I can understand a lot of the hardships you're facing and just want to know that we're happy to have you. I've issued your account a verified tickmark as I can confirm you're an authentic user.

I hope you both enjoy your stay here, if you end up needing any assistance with modding, the mod launcher or any other of our tools/services, please let us know on the forum or in our Discord.
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Ahoy, I'm JitzXD or just Jitz. I joined this community a while back, but only now decided to introduce myself since recently I started creating a mod of SHAR myself.

Started playing this game in 2011, but back then I was a kid and just tried learning it. In around 2022 I learned about SHAR MP and SHAR mods. Played the Multiplayer, it was quite fun, showcased various mods on my YouTube channel (not really popular yet) and got inspired by most of you to make a mod of my own. I really do enjoy the variety of mods you all have made and also have high hopes for the future too.

Now, since I'm all set in here, I will be posting more help requests on this website, just so you would know. If you see my posts, I would appreciate if you answer them.

I do agree on the rules, since I never break them anyway.

Also, I know my introduction is a little scuffed. I'm a little introverted and English is not my first language, so just ignore my grammar errors if there are any present.
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