Welcome to Donut Team, introduce yourself!

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I'm Dimitar Kolarov
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Hello, I am DrFuff :)

I am a fighting game addict with a history of archiving MUGEN creations for the past 5 years (not a part of the website). These days I tend to focus more on building a career in IT so I've slowed down a bit on that. However, I still have a passion for games from the early 2000s too now and learning about technology in games fascinate me.

I found out about the SHAR modding scene a few years ago on an internet deep dive but I joined the Donut Team for 2 reasons. Firstly, I've been a fan of LiquidWifi for around 2 years so the Simpsons Hit and Run is always at the forefront of my mind. Secondly, I am interested in making a mod. I have an idea on what I'm going to make and it certainly seems possible with what else I've seen showcase. However, I'm not going to say anything because I have seen what has happened to so many half life mods that were announced years ago that were worked until suddenly they weren't. I could say that I am making a mod, look forward to it, but looking at some of my other projects that might be a "nah". Only time will tell.

Regardless of my devotion to my programming the tools are very impressive and the community positive. I'm officially a Mac user now but maybe I'll get around to trying out some mods for myself.

Hello! I'm ToMaTeh, a new user in the SHAR community plus I've been playing the game for years when I was actively playing the PS2.
I come from the modder community of GTA: SA, a fact that is not relevant.
And to add, I like the character of Milhouse, I find him funny.
Hello! I'm Chris, a male person with autism from Pennsylvania. I had just recently heard about SHAR and decided to pick it up. I find the game to be quite enjoyable and fun.
Once I found out about Donut Team and the number of mods this game has, I decided to register an account (in fact, I just registered now!)
I am looking forward to interacting with the community and possibly making a mod of my own!
I have also modded some other games, mostly Source-engine games.
My favorite character in the Simpsons is Homer. He is hilarious.